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Our Goal
is Simple
For all children who suffer from food allergies to safely eat whatever they want, whenever they want through the Tolerance Induction Program™ (TIP)

Welcome to TIP™

A Journey to Food Freedom

The Tolerance Induction Program™ has the power to give your child lasting Food Freedom.

We are revolutionizing food allergy treatment with machine learning models, applied mathematics, research, and cutting-edge clinical care.

Our program creates an individualized treatment plan for your child. It is a highly involved process and takes commitment. We are here with you every step of the way. To know if this program is right for you, start by selecting your treatment zone.

Patient Call Center

No matter of your location, we are here for you.
The Tolerance Induction Program™
is the first medical system to provide a 24/7 Command Call Center. Once enrolled in the program you will be given access to this benefit.
TIP™ Benefits
Your safety is our number one priority. In every step of the way, our team of providers is available through our 24/7 Command Call Center to support you in the following ways:

Reactions Our team is available to help manage any symptoms with food dosing and consuming medications safely.

Medical or Illness Questions We are here to answer any concerns regarding treatment, the TIP process, or illnesses.

Medication We welcome any questions about your child's medications, refills, or concerns of side effects.

Food Sourcing We will answer your questions regarding brand recommendations, food preparation, and the shipment of foods we provide.

Our 24/7 Command Call Center can also support with non-medical related topics by fielding questions in these categories:

Scheduling, Billing, Forms/Letters


Patient Labs

Customer Service

What's "TIP™"?

Built on over a decade of diagnostic data collected, the Tolerance Induction Program™ (TIP) is a specialized treatment program designed to help children with food allergies achieve true Food Freedom — the ability to eat whatever they want, whenever they want, in unlimited quantities, without fear of reaction.
To date, the Southern California Food Allergy Institute has collected more than a trillion data points that allows us to use high-powered mathematics and analytics to best understand food allergies and how to safely treat each child's unique food allergies with an individualized treatment plan.

Each child's data directly drives their treatment — down to the milligram of food protein for each dose throughout the program. Every child in TIP™ receives an entirely personalized form of therapy based on their own unique immune system. Regardless of the risk factors or severity of food allergies your child may have, the Southern California Food Allergy Institute welcomes your case.
Time to Get Started

Determine Your Treatment Zone

Depending on where you live, your treatment plan may differ. Please choose your treatment zone below to learn more about how this program can best serve you and your family.

We Are Serious About

Biotech Research & Artificial Intelligence
The Southern California Food Allergy Institute has the highest global success rate of disease remission for pediatric patients with food allergies.

We are able to achieve this based on over a decade of technological and research advancement, resulting in our Cybernetics Food Anaphylaxis Panel.

The Cybernetics Food Anaphylaxis Panel
The Cybernetics Food Anaphylaxis Panel is the first diagnostic platform of its kind, combining applied mathematics, machine learning models, and high complexity diagnostic evaluations of the trillions of food anaphylaxis biomarkers we've collected.

As an integral part of the Tolerance Induction Program™, learn more about its importance in TIP™.