Treatment for Kids with Severe Food Allergies
Life-threatening food allergies can lead to Anaphylaxis.

The symptoms of an anaphylaxis reaction consist of dizziness, difficulty breathing, hives, swelling of the face, and vomiting. If left untreated, anaphylaxis can become life-threatening.

Southern California Food Allergy Institute is a cutting-edge clinical care and research center that revolutionizes food allergy treatment for individuals with food allergies 6 months to 21 years of age. Through our Tolerance Induction Program, we create individualized treatment plans for patients to reach remission. Once they complete the program, they can eat whatever they want, at any amount, and without the fear of a reaction.

We are the largest food allergy treatment center of its kind, with more than 10,000 patients in treatment and remission. Our program has a success rate of 99% and is now expanding patient capacity to meet the need for treatment. To begin the enrollment process, join our waitlist to ensure a spot in the Tolerance Induction Program.
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Tolerance Induction Program
Step Towards Food Freedom
Once you've been called to active treatment from the waitlist, the first appointment will be a 90-minute consultation with one of our qualified physicians. The first consultation is where we gather data from our patients. Once the patient's data has been collected and analyzed, we will review the patient's immune system, how it works with food, and how we can safely move it towards tolerance.
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There are more than 10,000 active TIP patients, we have performed over 25 million doses safely administered at home, and more than 40,000 successful food challenges completed in our clinic.

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