Infectious Disease Awareness Platform (IDAP)
Learn what the Southern California Food Allergy Institute is doing to keep our staff, patients, and their families safe in the time of COVID-19.

IDAP Keeps Our Economy Open

Infection Control will absolutely be necessary for every industry that has people in the workplace — people are the greatest asset!
In response to COVID-19, the Infectious Disease Awareness Platform known as “IDAP��� was developed by a team of top physicians and researchers at TPIRC in an effort to safeguard all health care employees, patients, and their families.

The IDAP program is designed to expand outside of a clinical setting and can be implemented into schools and universities through trackable and accountable measures to ensure the safety of the students and teachers functioning within a space.

How it Works:
IDAP Safety Zone Classification

Select a Zone Level to Learn More

Zone Level 1

Zone Level 2

Zone Level 3

What does Zone Level 1 include?
  • Medical/High-Risk Facility
  • Restricted Access
  • All Facility Airflow Management
  • Intra-day Sterilization and Decontamination
  • Restricted Access
  • Rigorous Personnel Policies
What does Zone Level 2 include?
  • Controlled environments with managed access
  • K-14, Universities, Airports, and Offices
  • Selective Airflow Management
  • Daily decontamination and rigorous personnel policies
What does Zone Level 3 include?
  • Uncontrolled environments with public access
  • Malls, mixed-used spaces and shared workspaces
  • Daily decontamination and sterilization

Southern California Food Allergy Institute is a COVID-19 Safe Zone

We care about the health and safety of our staff, patients and their families. This is why we have adapted IDAP. Our data-driven approach to the virus has allowed us to stay open throughout COVID-19 while protecting our staff and patients against future illnesses and threats.

IDAP Compliance Rate

Implementation of IDAP at our facilities is not enough to know that we are safe. We must track when and how our employees are using the platform while they are within the Southern California Food Allergy Institute. Compliance reviews occur weekly in an effort to make sure that all who visit are able to do so in the most secure way possible.