TIP™ is entirely dependent on a patient's data and is uniquely tailored to their needs. Our goal is simple: for all children to safely eat whatever they want without the fear of a reaction.

Cybernetics Food Anaphylaxis Panel

Our growing research of trillions of data points gathered from our food allergy patients continues to help us refine a carefully calculated plan of success for each individual.
The Cybernetics Food Anaphylaxis Panel is the first diagnostic platform of its kind, combining applied mathematics, machine learning models, and high complexity diagnostic evaluations of the trillions of food anaphylaxis biomarkers we've collected.
The platform utilizes a single blood draw sample to evaluate hundreds of biomarkers across allergen proteins, as well as the individual immune system's state of allergic potential.

The data received from this platform's analysis allows artificial intelligence software developed by the Southern California Food Allergy Institute to design a safe and effective strategy for individual patients to successfully achieve tolerance to foods that previously caused severe or life-threatening reactions.

The Cybernetic Food Anaphylaxis Profile is...

a cutting edge approach to laboratory diagnostics that is only available at the Southern California Food Allergy Institute's in-house lab, Foundation Labs.

created before the start of food allergy treatment and is used on an annual basis to assess a patient's state of food anaphylaxis molecular tolerance.

a leading example of the research capabilities of the Southern California Food Allergy Institute, and just one of more breakthroughs in development.

What You Need To Know

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While the Tolerance Induction Program™ takes both commitment and dedication from our patients and their families, Food Freedom will save you both time and worry in the end!