Food Freedom,
You Made It!
Once our patients achieve immunological dietary tolerance, we continue to monitor and follow them long-term.

Everything Under the Sun

Your child can safely eat as much or as little as they want of all former allergens, as long as they keep up with maintenance doses. There is no need to read labels or restrict their diet.

Maintaining Remission

It is an incredible achievement to reach remission. We encourage patients to keep this momentum up with the following maintenance routine.

Tolerance to Foods

To remain tolerant to foods, weekly maintenance will be required for your child. In the allergy snapshot example, typically the weekly maintenance requirement is peanut - which will cover the other foods in the cluster.

Biannual and Annual Check-Ups

Larger maintenance doses taken less frequently increase patients' safety, improve their compliance and allow graduates to consume as much of their former allergen as they want without fear of reaction.


Falling Out of Remission
Once a child reaches remission, what is the chance they can go back into anaphylaxis?
The only way to fall out of remission is to stop eating all maintenance doses for months.
Maintaining Food Freedom
Attending scheduled check ups allows us to monitor your child's tolerance to food allergens through blood and tissue testing.

Your child's biomarkers are tracked annually and allow the Southern California Food Allergy Institute to monitor your child's compliance while in remission.
If your child eats freely and consumes the typical American diet where milk, eggs, tree nuts, and peanuts are consumed daily, the chance of falling out of remission is extremely low.

A Step to Food Freedom

Once you are familiar with all the steps, determine your treatment zone and join our enrollment list to get closer to food freedom.
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