We here at the Southern California Food Allergy Institute understand that many of our families have to travel to Long Beach from out of state, or even internationally, for their child's appointments. What was once just the regular stresses of travel has now been compounded in this time of COVID. Because of this, we have created this short video of travel tips and precautions to help make getting to your visit a bit less stressful.

As policies and procedures continue to quickly change, we suggest always reviewing your region's travel guidelines from the state and local health departments, as well as guidelines from the California Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). If you are flying, also check your airline's website for their most up-to-date policies and procedures.

As has been recommended by the CDC and mandated by a number of states, anyone over the age of two should be wearing a mask and social distancing by a distance of 6', whenever possible.

Limit contact with frequently touched surfaces, such as handrails, elevator buttons, and kiosks. If you must touch these surfaces, use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol or wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds afterward. Always avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. When possible, avoid contact with anyone who is sick and always cover your coughs and sneezes. Stay home when you are sick.

Airline Precautions

All airlines are using HEPA filters for cleaner air on all aircraft to make sure that the air quality keeps everyone onboard safe. Always be sure to check your airline website for the most up-to-date policies and procedures.

Ridesharing Precautions

Both Uber and Lyft are suspending the accounts of any driver or rider that tests positive for COVID-19 and have suspended the carpool option, so rides are limited to the driver and one passenger or household.

Riders are no longer allowed to use the front seat so make sure to choose an option that allows enough seats for your family. For example: if both parents are present and there are 2 children, you will need to select a ride with 4 available seats, likely the XL option.

When your car arrives, make sure to confirm the vehicle you are getting into is the ride intended to take you to your destination. Crack a window to increase air circulation and ventilation in the vehicle. Wear your mask at all times while in the car. If the driver is not wearing a mask and is unwilling to put one on, cancel your ride and request a new driver. Report the incident so it may be recorded.

Bring sanitizing wipes, or ask your driver if they have any available. Wipe down the door handles, seatbelts, and window control buttons before using them. Sanitize your hands after touching the door handles, seat belts, and anything else while in the vehicle. Avoid touching your face until the ride is over and you can wash your hands. Wash your hands as soon as possible once completing your ride.

Accommodation Precautions

If possible, select an option where contactless check-in is available. If contactless check-in is not an option, wear your mask and stay 6' apart from the host during check-in. Always wear a mask in all common or shared spaces. Try to avoid paying using cash and change that may have exchanged many hands, use your debit card when possible.

Hotel Precautions
Make sure the hotel you are staying in is following strict cleaning procedures to ensure a safe environment. You can find a list of hotels in the area here.

Try to avoid paying using cash and change that may have exchanged many hands, use your debit card when possible. Always maintain a 6' distance from staff and other guests where possible. Try to open windows in your hotel room when possible to increase air circulation and ventilation to the room.

Carry hand sanitizer with you. Sanitize after touching any surfaces, especially those that are high-touch surfaces such as the doorknobs, elevator call, level buttons, hand or guard rails, pay stations, ATM machines, etc. Wash your hands as frequently as possible, especially after returning from any activities or leaving your room.

Food buffets are not recommended because of the risk of close physical contact with others, shared serving implements, and multiple people touching the surfaces on the buffet.

Airbnb Precautions
Consider renting a whole home or apartment to avoid coming into contact with your host or their family members.

Airbnb has implemented a thorough cleaning process between all stays that includes ventilating the space during cleaning, sanitizing all high-touch surfaces, washing dishes and laundry at the highest heat settings with approved disinfectants, and more. Those cleaning the space do not re-enter spaces or rooms after they have been cleaned and sanitized.

Cancel your reservation and report the incident to Airbnb if you feel safety standards are not being met.

What We Offer

Travel letters ensuring traveling to and from our clinic is a medical necessity are always available.

For those of you coming to appointments at SoCal Food Allergy from out of state, we offer you a BioFire PCR COVID-19 test during your visit so you can avoid quarantining upon return. Results are typically available in 6-24 hours and will be accessible electronically. The test is offered at a reduced cost of $50 per person. Please call 562-490-9900, press 1 to request your COVID-19 test.

Travel packages are available for purchase. The package includes kids KN95 mask, kids surgical mask, adult KN95 masks (2-pack), adult face shield (unisize), and 1oz of Purell.