A Little Goes
a Long Way

Your success relies on your ability to follow-up and be present in a timely manner for each new challenge as we learn more about your child's reactions.

Sticking to the Plan
Our program is centered around time. The body takes time to adapt, adjust, and respond.

This is why it's important to take your availability into consideration for the best quality of treatment for your child.

Preparing for your Visit

Patients who are traveling longer distances must also consider travel arrangements for medication, which may be time or temperature-sensitive.

Special packaging or refrigeration may be needed during long-distance flights. Here's what you need for your visit to the Southern California Food Allergy Institute:

Travel Letter

While in TIP™ treatment we will provide a letter for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) upon request for home food, dosing, SLIT & medications listed on your child's treatment plan.

Long Flight

As safety is our number one priority, please plan your trip accordingly to allow given enough time for your commute. Take into account the time difference between our facilities in Long Beach, California and your location.

Where to Stay and What to Do

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Accommmodations Airports Restaurants Attractions

Ready for the next step?

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