Over 10 years of Immunotherapy Tolerance Induction.

Comparable to allergy shots, Food Immunotherapy Tolerance Induction uses a specific, standardized dose escalation of whole food product over a period of time to induce desensitization (or tolerance). Through our Tolerance Induction Program (TIP), the immune system no longer recognizes that food as foreign or dangerous. Studies show that patients who regularly eat a maintenance dose after achieving desensitization remain tolerant.

  • Every SoCal Food Allergy patient is treated individually.

    Treatment typically proceeds as follows:

    Stage 1: Intake and Diagnostics (1 day)

    Stage 2: Diagnostic Review and Recommendations for Treatment (4-6 weeks)

    Stage 3: Oral immunotherapy (12-14 months)

    Stage 4: Long-Term Monitoring and Follow-Up Care

    To learn more, download an overview.
  • The only hospital-based oral immunotherapy program focused on precision medicine.

    Safety is our number one priority and the hallmark of our program. Since 2005, we have safely conducted over 16,000 challenges. Millions of doses have been dosed at home with the rate of epinephrine use 0.004%. Less than 5% of our patients experience any frequent adverse events.

    The customized, strategic use of medications minimizes side effects (i.e. reactions) and improves the likelihood of success. And we create customized emergency plans for every patient with 24-hour on-call support. Our process begins with the relationships that we cultivate with our patients. The demands, discipline, and time commitment of oral immunotherapy can be intimidating to parents, and even more so to children who are suddenly told to eat the foods that previously made them sick. Earning and maintaining every child’s trust is critical to ensuring successful outcomes. Children who live with food allergies experience anxiety on a regular basis, but during their oral immunotherapy at SoCal Food Allergy, they know that they are safe.

    We treat our patients at Miller Children’s Hospital and in our state-of-the-art TIP clinic located across the street.

  • Revolutionizing food allergy treatment. Right now.

    • Precision medicine approach, tailored to the individual child.
    • Over 10 years of treatment
    • Nearly 1,700 patients (as of October 2016)
    • 99% success rate
    • Safety without compromise
    • More peanut patients than anyone in the world (as of October 2016).
    • Access to all who need care (no restrictions or qualifications for treatment and most insurance coverage and Medicare accepted)
    • No limitations on foods treated
    • Long-term follow-up care for every patient
    • Strategic use of Xolair and other interventions, only when necessary and in patient’s best interests
    • Freedom to eat a normal U.S. diet
    • Speed of treatment (tolerance to most foods achieved within 6 weeks)
    • Research conducted in longitudinal, cohort, and control models
    • No need for in-center EpiPen use in over 10 years
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